Sauce Photo.jpeg
Photos by Emily Collins

Photos by Emily Collins


August 2017, Royal Court.
August 2017, Roundhouse.


Introduction. Poem. Story.

Sauce is an absurdist monologue whose form sits somewhere between a performed story and a spoken word set.

Sauce is about pizza (and heartbreak). Its about the human need to be loved. Its about relentlessly searching for something more. Fundamentally, it is about filling the romantic void that exists after losing what feels like an entire continent (a person).

Sauce's end is a both a mourning and a celebration a pizza-related metaphor. It is a celebration of human resilience, reminding the audience that although we may try to fill voids with the 'wrong' things - with objects, experiences and people that aren’t always the most favourable option, the act of trying is still an admirable and brave attempt to move forward.

Sauce debuted at the Royal Court as part of VOID festival. Following this, an excerpt of the set was performed in the Roundhouse's main space as part of Wayne McGregor's immersive installation +/- Human

* * *

107 people meet at an abandoned airport for an event called ‘Cupid’s Lagoon.
Each attendee has filled a winged paper lunchbox with items for a future lover.

Collectively, the lunchboxes are thrown into the air
(in the hope they will
travel a thousand miles into the hands of the right person).

* * *

She pulled out paintbrushes, a dreamcatcher, 99.2% organic hand cream and all the other things you might give to a person if you were asking them to love you.
Silk that she
draped over her face, her arms, her hands. Letting it give her something. And each item was adored, nothing was too small or insignificant or weird.
Carol loved the Encyclopaedia of
'Things I’d Do To You After 10pm', and the clock with the hair taped to it, and the shoes with the leather strap.
It all mattered.

* * *