Photo by Gemma Turnbull


The below is some sort of summary. 
I am a northern born spoken word and performance artist with a background in theatre and live art. I now reside between Blackpool and London. My works blend autobiographical material with fantasy, delving into the sticky things that produce excitement and frustration. 

I want to talk about the tiny things that make up an hour, a week, our entire lives - forever. For it is the small and seemingly insignificant moments that often determine the fantastically huge events. In doing so, my work (sometimes) interrogates everyday actions, points fingers at supposed cultural norms and brushes shoulders with the political. I hope to generate conversation, and, most integral for my practice, find a home for empathy.

I use bodies and spaces that are sharp, refined and decisive in their design whilst conceptually transforming them with my unruly, messy and generous content. My process is focused on vigerous research and development. It is important that all work is built on the foundation of truth and these truths are obtained from a variety of sources. Devised on tubes, in bed, at work, on London streets, on Blackpool beaches, in toilet cubicles, on 3am dancefloors, and most notably during peak moments of euphoria, frustration, boredom, bewilderment and melancholy, my works are a merged outcome of collected material, thought, environment and emotion.

*Much of my recent work (both on and off this website) explores the bathroom as a multi-functional space. By experimenting with its aesthetic and use, I attempt to understand the bathroom as a space free of interactions, constraints and expectations and more as a place to unwind, release and contemplate. For me, the bathroom offers us all a rare moment alone in our wonderfully unpolished human bodies.


I am currently a Resident Artist at the Roundhouse.

I graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a First-class degree in BA Drama.